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Today we are going to show you how we make some super simple DIY shelves, this is a great way to add some dimension to the wall. You can add your own touch to the decor, stain them any color your like and even change up the sizes. This will help a dull wall come to life and add some charm and storage if you like. Triangles are easy to hang, all you need to do is hang from one screw in the wall, unless you want more security then use two.

Required Tools and Supplies

Getting Started

This is a very simple project, in that you can design it your way for your space. First you should look at the place you want to hang your shelves and decide how large you want to make them. We opted to make them in 3 different staggered sizes, and the largest one is 24″ long on all 3 sides. The smallest one is only 12″ on all 3 sides, and the middle one is 18″ on all 3 sides. Decide what sizes you will make and get the wood marked with your woodworking pencil.

Making the Cuts

One you have marked your boards and planned out the proper sizing for the shelving, make two alternating 33 degree miter cuts on your 1×3″ boards. Make sure you plan your cuts and think this through, some people get confused on alternating 33 degree cuts. You have to attach three boards together to form a proper triangle.

Glue the Boards and Fasten with Nails

Now that you have three properly cut 1×3″ boards at your 33 degree angles, apply glue to the miter cuts and place the boards together. Use your brad nailer to nail the boards together. You can optionally drill some small holes and install wood screws for extra support. Once the boards are fastened together, use wood filler to fill holes.

Finishing Touches

Now that the boards are fastened together, and the holes filled it is time to finish the shelves. Use your orbital sander to sand down the filler, and clean up the boards for staining or painting. Make sure to remove any splintering or rough spots on the boards. Wipe down with a clean dry cloth to remove dust, and apply primer or stain depending on the route you decide to take. We chose to stain our boards with a Penetrating Stain in Classic Gray from Lowes.

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