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Today we are going to share one of our favorite ways to create simple hanging shelves for décor. These are made using slices of trees that we have cut down in our back yard. It’s really easy to make these look like you bought them from the store, and you can always add your favorite décor to these! They go great in the corner of your dining room.

Required Materials

  • Tree Sections 10″ or larger diameter and 2″ or more thick
  • Multipurpose String or Rope (Your Choice)
  • Drill and Drill Bit slightly larger than rope or string
  • Decor to add on top of shelving

Cut Round Sections of Tree

We cut down a tree with a chainsaw, and after doing so we usually cut the tree into smaller pieces to store for later. You can use whatever type of tree for the look you are going for. I had my husband cut me a few 2″ slices out of the tree to use for decorating. I recommend using a tree that is at least 10″ diameter or larger. You can also find these round slices in the stores such as Michael’s or Hobby Lobby for about 10 to 15$.

Drill Three Holes in Wood Sections

Use your drill and pick a drill bit that is slightly larger than the outer diameter of the string or rope that you chose to use. I recommend drilling three holes in a triangle pattern. These holes need to be all the way through the tree section, make sure your drill bit will reach all the way through. Try to drill the holes near the edge of the log, but not too close as it will cause it to crack.

Cut string, and install into wood

Now you should take your string or rope, and cut three equal length pieces. Once you have the three equal length pieces cut and ready, run one at a time through the holes you drilled. Pull enough through the bottom so that you can tie a knot into the string or rope. Once you have knotted all three pieces, pull the top side tight and ensure your knot will hold. Then you will take all three pieces at the top, and tie them together as best as possible.

I recommend holding with your hand at the length you want, then twisting the other three into a single strand. Take the single strand, and tie it into a traditional knot. This knot will be where you hang the shelf on the ceiling. Always test your knot by pulling on them to ensure they hold enough weight to place decorations on the shelves.

Optional shelf surface treatments

This step is totally optional, but you can choose to perform some type of treatment to the surfaces of your hanging shelf. We opted to lightly singe the surfaces with a torch on our examples below, to give it a darker finish. Other options include sanding, milling, and even using polyurethane to give a shiny or matte finish.

Add your favorite décor

Now it’s time for the best part, which is adding your favorite decor! I chose to use some LED Candles and faux Eucalyptus leaves. I placed them in a circular pattern, and put the candles in the middle. It makes the room feel so warm and cozy when the candles are flickering.

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