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Christmas is around the corner and the excitement is starting to build. Your family and friends will soon be here to share love, laughter and food. Your anticipation is starting to build and your first thought is what food your going to prep. Then how you are going to welcome your guests into your home and give them a holiday to remember. You want this holiday to feel special and like no other considering everything that has happened this year. Your time with family and friends are important, so you want to make it as special as possible.

We are all looking forward to a special Christmas of feasting and laughter, and there’s no denying the fact that Christmas dinner is the most exciting part of the day. Impress your guests with your stunning table setting; that will keep them talking about how beautiful and elegant your ideas were. Give them a Christmas to remember, and make memories that last a lifetime. After all Christmas is one of the most magical holidays of the year, so you want to make it count.

Start with the table runner

A table runner is a perfect way to add elegance and cheer. Pick something neutral that will work well with your décor. A table runner is a perfect way to highlight your table and give balance to your decorations. I got mine from target for twenty dollars and its the perfect touch to bring everything together.

Choose your candles and greenery to go on the runner

Tall candles are a perfect way to grab your guests attention and set the tone for a warm and cozy candlelight dinner. I got my candles from touch of class for thirty dollars and there beautiful.

Then you need to choose your greenery. Your can choose faux, real garland or even eucalyptus. I went to a local tree lot and asked if they had any cuttings left over from there trees. They offered a whole bundle of cuttings for no cost. We trimmed the cuttings to lay on our runner. Then I also added fairy lights on top of the garland to give it a sparkle, and add some Christmas cheer.

Place settings, plates and cloth napkins

Your place settings will set the tone for where your guest will sit. You can pick a cloth one or a metal one whatever you have on hand that will match your Christmas décor. Then you can pick which plates will fit best with your décor. I used one large plate, then stacked a smaller one on top with a red cloth napkin. Next I added boxwood greenery on top of the red cloth napkins to add interest and color.

Add glassware and finishing touches

Choose cool wintry or festive colors such as gold. Position the wine glasses near the candles to reflect the flickering flames and bring that warm cozy feeling. Guests will not stop talking about your beautiful ambiance.

Finally, the finishing touches

We want you to use some of our inspiration and make changes as you feel necessary. Choose your favorite holiday decorations and lay them across in a pattern that makes you feel good. Use tealights, or LED candles that will glisten as the flames dance and crate a warm glow that draws your loved ones together for a joy filled dinner.

I hope these steps have given you some inspiration for your Christmas table setting for the upcoming holiday season this year. What style are you going for? Don’t forget to share with us your table setting on our social media profiles, it would be lovely to see what you have created!

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